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Germany's Best Water: Quality H2O From Top to Bottom


Germany's Best Water: Quality H2O From Top to Bottom

Germany's Best Water
Germany's Best Water

We take so much water for granted. We drink it, bathe in it, use it to run our washing machines, and more. The healthfulness of our water isn't something that crosses our minds very often, as we assume that if we pay the water company enough money each month then they'll make sure our water's safe to drink. But how much do you really know about your tap water? It turns out there are a lot of things you may be doing wrong with your H2O that can impact your health in ways you might not expect.

Northern Bavaria

The mountains are also home to a rare animal called the wild European otter who live there because they are safe from hunting. It is not only that but the plants and animals in this region are richer than anywhere else in Germany. Forests cover over 70% of Bavaria so it can be said that Bavaria really has some of Germany’s best water

In fact, when the Alps metamorphosed millions of years ago, they left behind many minerals which have filtered down into streams and lakes forming sources of excellent water such as those found in Miesbach, Kössen, or Obermaiselstein. In addition to the fresh mountain air, pristine streams, and wildlife-rich forests which support native species such as lynx and ibex deer - Bavaria truly offers its visitors one-of-a-kind experiences.

North Rhine-Westphalia

The best water in Germany is found in North Rhine-Westphalia, and the best part of this state is that it has all four of the major types of water found in Germany. Not only that, but the water here has some of the highest levels of quality available anywhere in the world. First, because it’s so clean. Second, it contains so many minerals and trace elements. 

Third, there are so many different kinds of natural springs. And finally, the water supply is controlled at every level by strict safety regulations which require constant monitoring to make sure that every drop is perfect for drinking. 

So what does this mean for you? If you want the finest German water possible, get yourself a glass from North Rhine-Westphalia! You will not be disappointed.

The Black Forest

No matter where you are in the Black Forest, there is always a beautiful hill with a scenic view. With the Danube River running through it and snow-capped mountains in the background, it's no wonder that so many people come here each year for skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The Black Forest is one of Germany’s best-kept secrets and should be on everyone’s bucket list. 

With riverside cafes along the riverbanks and an abundance of restaurants serving local cuisine at prices that won't break your wallet, there's something for everyone in this picturesque region. You'll never run out of things to do or places to explore!

Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony

The Saarland has some wine-growing regions that are perfect for those who like sweet water with a little flavor. The Moselle River Valley is another top choice, as it offers fresh mountain water with a light taste. It also boasts the stunning Nahe River, which features numerous vineyards and orchards.


The Rhineland-Palatinate also has plenty of springs and streams to choose from, many of which originate in the Westerwald Forest and can be found in creeks such as the Erft and Urft Rivers. Other favorites include the Ahr River, a prime spot for rafting enthusiasts and fishermen alike, as well as the Lahn River and Mittelrhein. Finally, Saxony has one of Germany's most beautiful lakes at its disposal - Lake Oberlausitz - which is surrounded by green forests and beautiful views.

Central Germany

The German water market is fairly robust and competitive, with many brands of water vying for the top spots. There are three main rivers in central Germany that provide water for its inhabitants. These rivers are the Elbe, Saale, and Rhine. The Elbe River is the longest river in Germany and one of the most important waterways in Europe. The Rhine River has been used as a trade route for centuries as it connects two countries with one another. 

Its location near the Alps creates diverse ecosystems and an abundance of freshwater which allows farmers to grow crops year-round. The Saale River is located in eastern Germany and provides drinking water to Leipzig, which was once known as The City of Water because of its abundant supply. 

Water is so essential for life that we often take it for granted. In fact, 70% of our planet’s surface is covered by this liquid substance!

Southern Germany

Water from Bavaria has long been considered one of the most healthy, drinking waters in all of Germany. This is because the southern part of the country has so many natural springs that provide fresh, clean drinking water. Drinking this type of water will have great benefits for your health and body, including preventing dehydration and providing you with essential minerals like magnesium. One of the best-known sources for these types of mineral-rich water sources is right here in Southern Germany – bottled at Spatlese (or sparkling) quality! 

The Selters Mineral Spring Bottling Company is located just outside of Frankfurt and it produces some of the highest-quality water in all of Germany. Whether you are looking for a bottle for yourself or as a gift, you can't go wrong when buying Selters spring water! With its unique taste and high quality, this is a product everyone can enjoy. We hope you'll come to visit our store on Frankfurt's Main Street soon to see for yourself why we're Germany's number one choice for the perfect beverage!


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